Journée internationale des droits des femmes 2021

past & present
here it finally is, the videoclip for my song [past & present] that figures on my EP [quiet as fire] released november 30th 2018.
available on all streaming platforms and on bandcamp

[about past & present, from the EP quiet as fire, 2018]
it either moves u
or it takes you by the throat
all those things life throws you
and takes back
the past
the things that were
and the things that will
what are they
where are they from
where are they going
it's hard to catch a breath

réalisation : juliette balthazard
production : romane gagnon
direction photo : alexia toman
direction artistique : émya st-germain
assistance caméra : louis-philippe michaud
régie : dulcinée ménard
montage : félix bouffard-dumas
colorisation : alexis ‘’glin’’ bouffard-dumas
animation : marie-ève drolet
archives (personals, family) : given by lili lafleur & selected by l i l a
figurantes : l i l a, claudine paquet, lise reid-paquet, charlotte Poirier

merci à :
Première Ovation, Les Subversifs, Main Film, SLA Location, MELS, Télé Ciné, Montréal Inc, Multiservice Luna, PlanB Solution Tournage, Fernando Balthazard, my family for their contribution including lili, yvan, nadia and donald for their time and generosity.

*This project was made possible by the financial help of Première Ovation and la Distillerie les Subversifs.

*this video was filmed in september 2020 respecting all COVID rules.

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