Journée internationale des droits des femmes 2020

Delete Forever

New album 'Miss Anthropocene' out now:

Music written, produced, performed & engineered by Grimes  

It’s about losing friends to the opioid crisis and the self-hatred that arises when the grieving process mimics the behaviors that cost your friends their lives.  

The video is a collaboration between Grimes, Mac Boucher and Neil Hansen.  It depicts a tyrant’s lament as her empire crumbles.

Hair: Chanel Croker
Makeup: Natasha Severino
Styling: Natasha Advani

Art: Natalie Fält
Throne: Carlos Flores

Gaffer: Matt Hill
Key Grip: Luis Batres
P.A: Symone Holliday

Journée internationale des droits des femmes 2022

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Remerciements de pochettes de Louis-José Houde

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