Les chansons du jour de PalmarèsADISQ

Your Girl
Basia Bulat
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Basia Bulat
Trudi Yearwood as The Ranch Owner
Danny Gilmore as The Cowboy
Mike, Duke, Grace and Jeremiah as Horses

Produced by: Nora Rosenthal
Directed by: Brian Sokolowski
Director of Photography: Andréanne Chartrand-Beaudry
1st AC: Allen Bleich
Hair & Makeup: Brigitte Lacoste
Styling by: Amanda Van der Siebes
Production Assistants:
Bea Scharf-Pierzchala
Emily Lê
Best Boy: Andrew Woods
Edited by: Nora Rosenthal & Brian Sokolowski
Colouring by: CineGround

Our thanks to:
Lisa Moran
Tim Kingsbury
Natalie Shatula
Rob Coslett
Eric Morissette
Karen Wehner
Shannon Joutel


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