Journée internationale des droits des femmes 2021

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Foam Born
Blue odeur
Featuring the artist as an impermeable astronaut, Foam Born accents the loneliness and want that come from isolation. A face emerges from the vast networks of stars and beckons us to follow. Although her spaceship is well-equipped, the artist grows beyond. As she floats through space, alone except for her bass, Blue Odeur finds new galaxies she would have never travelled to if she hadn't decided to go it alone. Maybe she'll find Joji and they can watch Betelgeuse burn out together.

Foam Born is the first single off Blue Odeur's upcoming album. The track is built around a rhyming couplet, repeated at the end; "my love is a foam born fester, flip-flopping with a translucid hum; touch, devoted sensation, yet through distance, I do succumb". Just as the poem suggests, the samples, drums, and vocals are both melancholy and hopeful; from a distance, love blooms, but it brings with it more loneliness..

Buy the song on Bandcamp - all proceeds will go to Black Lives Matter Canada & Justice for Regis:

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#electronicmusic #montreal #darkwave #poetry

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