Journée internationale des droits des femmes 2021

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Director : Micheal Japan
Scenario: Micheal Japan / Steve Bawee
Produced by : Micheal Japan
DOP: Micheal Japan
Artistic Direction : Korea/Japan
Lighting: Max Laurin
Best Woman/Man : Tia Korea
Editing : Edgar Fritz
Graphic design: Thomas B. Martin
Extra graphic design : Simon Potvin-Goulet

Alex V. Beaulieu
Guillaume Sirois
Blaze Velluto
Vic Marlow
Tia Korea
Jean-Etienne Collin-Marcoux
Johnny Rottweiler
Bill Bilodeau
Steve Bawee
Micheal Japan

Merci à Atelier A7, L'idée à Coudre, Élisa Gouin, Club de Boxe le Cogneur and all of you wonderful people.

Guitard, vocals: Blaze Velluto
Vocals, Backing vocals: Little Miss Roy
Bass : Guillaume Chiasson
Drums, percs: Jean-Etienne Collin-Marcoux
Backing vocals : Odrée Couture-Bédard
Backing vocals: Anna-Frances Meyer
Percs: Tonio Morin-Vargas

Everybody’s jumping up and down the street, just like kangaroos
David, Kenny, Mike and Steve are jamming at the Bald Raccoon
Along comes Tia with her dancing shoes
Hopping ‘round the chicken coop
All happily living their lives just like kangaroos

Everyone’s bouncing to the beat, drinking at the local zoo
A tall, a short and a boogie one, hitting on the new girl
Lola was a kinky ape-man dressed in a woman suit
She’s alright living her life
Boxing like a kangaroo

All good kangaroos they go to heaven
But the naughty ones they go nowhere
Les bons kangourous chanteront au ciel
Mais les paresseux ils iront où?
Where do they go?

I was born in a sac ready to attack, as a fighter a dancer with a ruby mac
Found a job where I can deliver lunch
As a jabber, a hook or spinning punch
Don’t pretend you’re the one to beat, you can’t even chew
I’m happy to see you have found yourself grazing as a kangaroo

Journée internationale des droits des femmes 2022

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