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Wake Up
Sheenah Ko
First single from the new album, FUTURE IS NOW:


Are you a robot, just letting the days go by, or are your eyes open wide; are you fully awake?
It's time to wake up and not forget what life is really about.
Look to the new generation of youth to find cues.
Life is too short, so don't forget to enjoy it, and come together to fight the good fight.

Video produced and filmed by Ken Atwind
Cinematographer and editor: Ken Allaire
Choreographer: Sarah Vaillancourt Tremblay
Dancers: Émile Allard-Jacques, Gabrielle Beauchamp, Jean-Daniel Bouchard, Mathilde Lala, Sophie Larouche, Sola Nkani, Anne-Sophie Mailloux, Marie-Laurence Tremblay, Ella Rodrigue
Production Designers: Sarah Vaillancourt Tremblay, Sabrina Côté
Make Up Artist Sophie Lavoie, Hair Stylist: Marie-Lou Cantin
1st Camera Assistant: Louis Moulin
Production Assistant: Charles Lavoie
Music written, performed and produced by Sheenah Ko
Additional production and recording by Steeven Chouinard

Thanks to Martine Groulx and Lazy at Work, Riverbend Brewery, Amplitude Distribution, City of Saguenay, Centre d'Experimentation Musicale

Are we ever gonna wake up?
Cause it’s time we gotta change this
Are we ever gonna take this?
So it’s time we gotta change this

Will we ever find an exit
When there is no way
No way outta here
We dug ourselves right in
Can’t see, can’t hide,
But we know they can’t see right

When it crumbles, there’s no warning
So it’s time for a revolution
Can we walk away when there is nothing left to stand on?

If you want it, you gotta change your mind
If you want it, you really have no time,
Do you see, do you dream, see through wide eyes

Oh yeah

Now we’re waking up
Gotta make it up!
No more taking it, taking this from us
They do not think ahead

Do they see us now, or are they blinded
Are they silent now, or do they shut their eyes
Can you see, can you hope, can you hold on here

Can you open up, open up your eyes
Can you open up, better recognize.
Do they see, do they know who we are now.

Do right, and do

And do right, in no way, do you feel,
do you open up your eyes awake
Do you see, do you dream,
do you open up now?

When you open up, and will you see right,
and you will open up, and let it inside
And you will you see, will you see,
and you will see when you’re out here.
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