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2AM (And I Did It Again)
Sophia Bel
Listen to 2AM anywhere: https://found.ee/sophiabel-2am

Directed by Léa Taillefer
Director of Photography : Léa Taillefer
1st AC : Olwen Collins
Styling : Sophia Bel, Léa Taillefer
Make up : Sophia Bel
Hair stylist : Sophia Bel, Yuho Kamo
Film processing and scan : Digital Orchard
Film development : Kodak
Editing : Alexa Gagnon
Color grading : Jérôme Cloutier - Mels

Produced by Happy Life
Producer : Audrey Marin

Special thanks to :
Main Films
Not Nowhere coop
Genesis Plus
Dan Redrup at Digital Orchard
Sarah Lavis for her hospitality in London
Ellis Greenwood et Emma Logan
Bashir and Khurshid Turk

Written and Composed by Sophia Bel
Produced by Tim Buron and Sophia Bel
Arranged and performed by Sophia Bel (vocals and post production), Tim Buron (post production), Christian Sean (bass and guitar), Miko (guitars) and Laurent Saint-Pierre (drums)
Recorded by Marco Petrella
Mixed by Tim Buron
Mastered by Richard Addison

Facebook: https://found.ee/sophiabel-fb
Twitter: https://found.ee/sophiabel-tw
Instagram: https://found.ee/sophiabel-ig
Web: http://www.sophiabel.com

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