Journée internationale des droits des femmes 2022

Alicia Moffet
Alicia Moffet - “Lullaby” out now:

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Writer: Alicia Moffet, Richard Beynon and Dany Poppitt
Producer: BYNON

Production Company: Moonstruhk
Director: Jaycee (Moonstrhuk)
DOP: Samuel Olaechea
Artistic Director: Ariane St-Pierre Cyr
Stylist: Olivia Leblanc
Production Director: Samuel Doiron (Moonstruhk)
Director Assistant: Pénélope Hawkins (Moonstruhk)
Steadycam Operator: Hugo-Alexandre Coderre
Camera Assistant: Éloic Hamel
Electro/machino chief: Auguste Portelance
Electro/machino: Norbert Denis-Blais, Charles Labrie and Nicolas Robert (Moonstruhk)
Hair and Makeup Artist: Olivier Vinet
Stylist Assistant: Gabriel Dupuis
Hair and Makeup Assistant: Gabrielle McGuire
Production Coordinator: Sophie Thériault (Moonstruhk)
Production Assistants: Catherine Fournier (Moonstruhk) and Vincent Bombardier
Casting: Essia Ben Ayed, Frédéric Boyer, Étienne Geffroy and Anthony Jeannevol
Extras: Josianne Ahern-Chiasson, Emilie Alchourron, Éveline Bernier, Judith Boismenu-Levesque, Maryeve Bolduc-Robitaille, Macha Bousquet, Rose Boutin, Justine Cliche, Matilda Comeau, Chloé Corbeil, Bertrand Dambrine, Steve Daniel, Nick Désilus, Mathieu Fournier, Katerine Gauthier-Doyon, Maude Gauthier, Dakota Grave, Denis Hamel, Maude Langlois-Corriveau, Joanie Lemay, Elisabeth Leroy, Vanessa Marcotte, David Masson, Mireille McKenven, Nicolas Pérusse-Guilbault and Naderi Shahin
Editing: Jaycee (Moonstruhk)
Coloration: Béatrice Tremblay (Oupost)
VFX: Jaycee (Moonstruhk)
Location: Windsor Montréal - Salon Versailles

Photographer: Larry Try
Graphic Designer: Marilyne Bertrand (Petite Boite Noire)

*This videoclip was shot in compliance with the sanitary rules suggested by the government of Quebec, Canada.
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