Journée internationale des droits des femmes 2022

Ooh Yeah
Janette King
Janette King – 'You Don't Love Me' out now :
This single will appear on her debut LP, 'What We Lost', out June 2021 on Hot Tramp Records.
Pre-Order Album here:

Directed by Alexandra B. & Elya M.

Camera Operators: Alexandra B. & Elya M.

Set Design: Elya M.

Editor: Alexandra B.
Special Effects: Tommy B.

Bedroom Scenes: Nadia P. Nicole F. &Carole M.

Picnic Scenes: Uzoma
Shot by Sarah A. & Stephan

Dance Teacher: Fly Lady Di

Pole dance teacher: Camille C.

Domescile Festivale Visuels/Visuals: Sean C. Alex Vlair

Ursa Mtl: Nick J.

Funded by the Wavo Artist Development Grant

Special thanks to Evan w.

Connect with Janette:​


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