Journée internationale des droits des femmes 2022

Directed and cut by Victorine Sentilhes
Shot with the support of Remi Hermoso and Alex Brosseau
Dancer: Bianca Pierre-Louis
Make up by Sylkie Sly
Styled by Maude St-Amand, Djely Tapa, Victorine Sentilhes and Bianca Pierre-Louis
Lighting equipment: Loucam
Venue: Clandestino MTL

Composition: Ramon Chicharron
Production: Boogát
Songwritting: Ramon Chicharron & Djely Tapa
Mixing: Andres Oddone (Bugambilia Estudio)
Mastering: Pierre Remillard (Studio Wild)
Label: Ray-On

Ce projet a été rendu possible en partie grâce au gouvernement du Canada.

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