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Basia Bulat
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All fables fail when you get older
And still the mirror on your wall keeps you from staring into the darkness
In visions keeping you awake
In fairy tales you try to stay
They echo back at you like a chorus
When you’re still too young to know
You’ve been living for a ghost
Spinning fables where the brightest colours faded
Stories fail you when you’re grown
Can’t hide us from our fall
But my love for you is bold, take it all
I found my old friends back at home
And for my father I had all the answers
Paid a price for pretending
Heroes and villains I had made
They’re all I have left of my day
In one more page of unwritten endings
Am I still to know I’ve been living for a ghost?
In my mind the brightest colours are unfaded Stories fail you when you’re grown Don’t believe them anymore
My love for you is bold but it won’t save you
My love for you is bold but it won’t change you
My love for you is bold
Take it all
How long can I keep going if stories I’ve still can’t save my love?
How do I be -
How do I be bold?
How do I ?
Stories’ all been told, can’t save you from it all

Director: Basia Bulat
DP: Millefiore Clarkes
Hi 8 Camera: Yagoda Bulat
Editor: Colin Medley

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